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Study Aids, Publications & Charting Tools
Here are some of our Study Aids. If you wish to purchase any of our aids, simply click on the "Buy Now!" button next to the product of your choice.

Study Aids

Captain's Wheel - Rules of the Road
Perfect for study or to have on your boat! It gives you international and inland rules of the road at a spin of the dial. or printed on the face and back. A must have for every boat. Click here to see photos.

Price: $24.95

Captain's License Prep Guide - For 6 Pack Charterboat and 100 Ton Masters Licenses. 900 questions, answers, references to the sources, chart navigation lessons with exercises, and the Rules of the Road. Many of the questions are from actual Coast Guard exams, others have been designed to help you learn these complex subjects. Includes Flashcards, tips on what license to ask for, and Coast Guard licensing procedures.

Price: $37.50

Captain's License Prep Guide - On a data CD. ASCII text files to use in your word processor. Includes the actual printed Prep Guide for reference.

Price: $75.00

Rules of the Road Q & A - On a Data CD. ASCII text files. The entire Coast Guard question bank with answers. README file and separate answer file for convenience.

Price: $35.00

Rules of the Road Audio Compact Disc (CD) - A 80 minute explanation of the Rules of the Road by two experts. An important learning tool. Listen to it in your car or boat CD player, or at home while studying the Rules.

Price: $7.50

Rules of the Road DVD Video - A full two hour DVD illustrating the meaning of the Rules of the Nautical Road. Based on our famous 90 minute audio cassette, it features illustrations from the Coast Guard's "Navigation Rules" book. We have added explanations of the colored light diagrams from the "Merchant Marine Deck Examination Illustration Book" which is the only publication available for use during the Rules portion of the Coast Guard license exams. This video study aid includes the latest edition of the Coast Guard's "Navigation Rules" book.

Price: $29.95

Navigation General DVD Video - Approximately 1/2 hour of illustrations and explanations on this open book portion of the exam. Covers almost all of the questions on this subject, and tells you specifically where to find the answers in the books provided for your use during the exam. Includes Chart Number 1, with information essential to the accurate use of nautical charts.

Price: $25.00

Commercial Assistance Towing - Printed material which contains all of the available questions being used on the Coast Guard exam.

Price: $25.00

Auxiliary Sail and/or Sail - Printed material. Same prices and availability as Commercial Assistance Towing above.

Price: $25.00

Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP) - All of the FCC's Questions and Answers. Includes list of examination organizations.

Price: $15.00

Time/Speed/Distance Wheel - A compact wheel used to calculate T/S/D problems. Speeds and distances scaled for the small boat, not the ocean liner. Only 4 inches in diameter, fits in your shirt pocket. Must order with some other item(s). No shipping and handling charges when combined with other orders.

Price: $6.50

Captain's Guide to Charterboat Operations, Everything you need to know for charterboat operations. Check lists, regulations, CG policies, forms, and full Coast Guard nationwide phone list. Loose leaf binder for updates. Includes Subchapter "C"

Price: $29.95

Master Mariner's Guide to Inspected Vessels, All the right information for operating Small Passenger Vessels to 100 gross tons, carrying more than 6 passengers. Loose leaf binder for updating. Includes Subchapter "T"

Price: $39.95

Navigation Rules. The official illustrated government publication. Required on vessels over 12 meters on Inland waters, and a good idea on all vessels on all waters. Latest edition.

Price: $14.00

Excerpts from Subchapter C, Rules and Regulations for Uninspected Vessels. A reprint of the pertinent portions of the regs for studying and reference.

Price:$4.95 (Included in Captain's Guide listed above)

Excerpts from Subchapter T, Rules and Regulations for Inspected Vessels to 100 gross tons. A reprint of all parts, 175 thru 185

Price: $8.95 (Included in Masters Guide listed above)
Charting Tools

Charts. Hone your skills with the real thing. The three official training charts used in classroom programs, and by the Coast Guard on their exams. All three, with practice exercises, $18.00. MUST ship at priority mail rates.

Price: $18.00

Chart Number One. Essential to the accurate use of nautical charts. It defines the symbols, abbreviations, and terms used on charts as well as information about buoys, light ranges, and Aids to Navigation.

Price: $10.00

Charting Tool Kit - Basic Set. Includes 15" parallel rule, 6" dividers, and a time/speed/distance calculating wheel.

Price: $40.00

Chart Tool Kit - Deluxe Set. Includes Weems & Plath parallel plotter, 7" W&P dividers, time/speed/distance calculator, .5mm mechanical pencil, specially compounded eraser for charts.

Price: $60.00

1. Examine the program for 15 days and, if not completely convinced that it will help you to pass the test, return it for a refund (excluding Shipping and Handling).

2. Keep the book, study the material and if you cannot pass the test after three attempts within a one year period, advise us in writing of your name, address and date of purchase and we will refund the book purchase price in FULL. You keep the book. This portion of the guarantee does not apply to audio, video or computer software products.